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Welcome to my disc golf scoreboard app. Make sure you check out the full website.

To operate this app you should first set up your score card.


Operation is very simple, simple click the cell on the scorecard that you want to edit, and 3 buttons will appear, +, -, and “par”. The + and – buttons decrease and increase the number of strokes taken, if there is not score currently listed in the cell, par will be assumed. Click “par” will set the score to the par for that hole.

If you need to change the par for a hole, simple click the par you want to change. Players scores will be updated automatically.

When you have completed the game, you may save it permanently to your private scorecard by clicking “Complete Game”. You MUST be logged in to complete your game. Logins are handled through your Facebook or Google account and can be access by clicking “Log In”. Google and Facebook DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH MY SITE. You can find a detailed list of what your account shares by going to the full website.

If you don’t see your scorecard when you click complete game, then you may not have been logged in when you tried to complete it, LOGINS ONLY LAST 3 HOURS! Make sure you log in to save your score.


The first thing you will want to set up is the course name. When you are at the app screen, click “Set Course”, you will be prompted for the course name. The course name will be saved along with your score and the par settings if you choose to “Complete” your game.

To add or remove players, click “+Player” or “-Player”. To edit a player name click “Edit” you will be prompted by a popup with all of the player currently listed. Click the name of the player you want to edit, and you will be prompted for their new name.

You may also choose to set the par for each hole at this time, provided the information is available (you can also set the par at any time). To set the par, simple click the par for the hole you want to change, + and – buttons will appear which can change the par. Players scores will automatically be updated when the par is changed.

To change the number of holes for the current course click “+Hole” or “-Hole” until you have the desired number of holes. Finally if you want to reset your score, click “Reset Scoreboard”.

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